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From the deepest to the peak…

The greatest depths are actually the most challenging peaks to reach. True success is attained not at the highest points but at the deepest. That’s when every descent becomes an ascent, and every step taken into the depths finds its reward at the peak. Years ago, we took a step on a journey where we willed to take every step towards the peak. As a newly established and dynamic company founded by a young team, we utilized the experiences gained from drilling operations in the field of equipment supply and proceeded confidently on the path we have drawn.

We were at your assistance not only in equipment supply but also during field applications, constantly improving ourselves and always looking towards the future. As the representative of Boart Longyear, the world’s leading manufacturer of drilling equipment and machinery, we offered a comprehensive range of products, as well as drilling chemicals, core boxes, testing equipment, and other auxiliary equipment you might need, all at a reasonable price with our maximum benefit policy for our stakeholders. With our expert team that provides solutions for various needs and challenges, we have undertaken numerous projects, growing with a focus on valuing people and rising with the strength gained from our experiences.

Today, we continue to reflect the vision brought by our domestic and international education and collaborations with leading companies to our stakeholders, providing uninterrupted service 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. We closely follow the innovations and developments in the drilling industry, and with every step we take, we persistently strive to reach the peak from the deepest depths.

Because we exactly know that as long as we keep progressing, our path will always lead us to the peak.

In brief, we are running to keep you running.


Our Mission

To illuminate our path with our experiences, not to set limits on our development, and to provide services in the light of our expertise since first day.


Our Vision

To always progress towards innovative goals, to take every step towards the future, and to strive to be the best at all times.”

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Ostim OSB. 1220 Sok. No: 13/3 (Ostim Vergi Dairesi Arkası) 06374 Yenimahalle/Ankara/Türkiye
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